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Yak Milk Chew Treats

Yakking about Yak’s Milk

We find the Barkworthies brand of Yak treats to be the best on the market and superior to the Himalayan brand.

Barkworthies provide a higher concentration of Yak’s milk (versus the Cow’s milk).

Yak’s milk is richer in calcium (+15%) and iron, amino and fatty acids, and high levels of antioxidant vitamins, specific enzymes, and bacteria with probiotic benefits. 

All of these benefit your dog as he/she enjoys this wonderful longer lasting chew.


  • What about my dog's sensitive tummy? The milks are processed in such a way to reduce the lactose levels to a negligible level so there is little concern for any potential stomach issues for sensitive dogs.
  • Is there a lot of salt in the chew? Just as with the lime juice, the salt included in the chews is simply to enhance the flavors rather than creating a salty flavor itself.